Main Contact

The NHICC is a Canadian federal not-for-profit home inspector certification entity. We may be reached either by mail, email or alternatively by Skype at the following reference points:

  • c/o 396 Old Tecumseh Rd
  • Windsor, ON. N8N 3S8
  • Alternatively by E-mail: NHICC1 or Skype: clawrens_4

    Contact Names

    The following are key contact names, however, we do not provide their private listings. However email messages will be passed along to the appropriate contact listed below. NHICC Corporate Bylaws - Link

  • President: Claude Lawrenson, NHI
  • Vice President/Historian: Bill Mullen, NHI
  • National Admissions Board Chair: George Webb, NHI
  • Professional Practices Committee: Wayne Fulton, NHI
  • BOD
  • Francophone: Brian Crewe, NHI
  • Eastern Rep: Reid Shepherd, NHI
  • Western Rep: Gary Wood, NHI
  • Examiners/Report Verification Committee: Harry Janssen, NHI
  • Alden Gibson
  • Andy Irvine
  • Bob Johnston, Ret.NHI
  • Brian Callaghan
  • Cam Allan, Ret.NHI
  • Harry Janssen, Ret. NHI
  • Shawn Anderson
  • Trevor Welby Solomon, Ret.NHI
  • Vince Burnett, Ret. NHI
  • James Robar
  • William Crawford
  • Richard "Bud" Jobin (Deceased)
  • Volunteers

    Need or like to get involved? We are looking for some volunteers to help, when help is needed. Email us. National Admissions Board, Professional Practices Committee, Examiners, Mentors, English to French language assistant

    We are currently reviewing our current list of Examiners. More about our Examiners.

    Registrant Listing

    The NHICC provides the following list of registrants. Please note we are currently updating this list. Some may not be listed as personally requested. Contact us if you have any questions regarding "current status" of a certificate holder.

    Certification LIST